There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had from knowing your site is on the first page of search engine results – but how do you get it there?

There are several cheap and easy ways to increase your website traffic:

  1. Always post good quality original content
    Regular posting of interesting articles containing original content is essential and is the best way to achieve a higher page ranking for your website. Google will penalise you for copying content it has already indexed from another site, so don’t be tempted to simply copy and paste content from successful competitors!  Pay particular attention to the number of keywords and words for each article. According to Google, optimum article length is around 600 words. Keywords are words that specifically describe or relate to the subject matter of your website or the products you want searchers to find. Articles should always be relevant to your site content and theme and should be as interesting and engaging to your readers (and searchers) as possible. The more clicks, the higher you’ll rise!
  2. Link building
    You should regularly visit a variety of other people’s websites and blogs with the aim of posting some relevant comments. Always include your website URL address as a link back to your site. Some sites allow you to provide this in your commenter profile, but if not, you can often paste the URL of a relevant page on your own site in a comment on another. You’ll get the best result with this approach if you only post the comments to blogs and websites that have the same theme or topic as your own and link to a page of your own that expands on or otherwise follows the same topic. Don’t just dump links randomly! Google knows everything and really doesn’t like that behaviour. They will find out and will then mark your site down for it.
  3. Build a positive image using social media
    Social media links and articles are a great way to boost your website traffic. Use social media posts to create interest and stimulate curiosity among your friends and fans. High quality and attractive posts on social media can stimulate comment and shares that at their best can “go viral” and generate huge amounts of traffic to your website. Always remember to include your website URL link in your social media postings!
  4. SEO
    Search Engine Optimization provided by experts is very useful to increase your website traffic. You should apply this for each article you’ve posted. At its most basic, good SEO depends on the keyword percentage in your articles. Contact an SEO expert for more information.
  5. Keyword selection
    For best results, don’t just guess the potential words that customers might be using to search for your site content – use a keyword search tool to find out for sure. Focus on the words that have a high frequency of searches, but with a lower degree of competition and you’ll have a better chance of increasing clicks on your result.
  6. Optimise your website loading speed
    A slow loading website is sure to lose customers to competitors’ websites that have faster response times. Nothing reduces traffic to your website more than long page loading times. Be sure to read our article about page load times and seek some expert assistance if this proves to be a problem for your site.