If you want to increase your business growth by building a business website, there’s a lot to learn – not everyone has the time!

Building a quality website requires a high degree of programming skill – it’s not something everyone can do. So where to start?

If you want to build a quality home and you’re not an architect and builder yourself, what would you do? Spend a few years learning and practising the skills you need before beginning the project, or paying someone to do it for you while you focus on building your business? Of course, you’d hire a professional architect, right? So, contact a web development professional when you’re ready to build a business website too!

Here are 4 simple tips to help create a quality website:

  1. Buy an internet domain name and web hosting which suit to your business.
    A domain is the name of your website address which can be accessed on the internet. www.webkos.co.id, www.google.co.id and www.facebook.com are examples of domain names. Web hosting is the service provided by a web host who maintains the computer servers that your website code is stored on so it can be accessed by and displays information to internet users.
  2. Do your research and prepare well for your meeting with your chosen web developer.
    Plan out your website concept so you know exactly what you need. Take all the text and photos you want on your site with you to your meeting and be clear about what you want your site to be able to do. You need to describe what you need to be sure you get what you want!
  3. When your website is online, update your site content regularly.
    Both visitors and search engines (like Google) love new, original content. Regularly updating your website with fresh content that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet is the best way to keep both site traffic and page rankings high.
  4. Promote your website!
    Use social media like Facebook and Twitter, website SEO services or paid advertising campaigns to promote your website on the internet.

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