Google Ads Management

In recent times, Google is giving more and more prominence to their Advertisements in the Google search results SERP. This advertising is referred to as Google Ads formerly known as AdWords. The positions where these ads are shown on SERP are at the top and the bottom, with the normal or organic results shown in between. The Ads are signified by a small green icon as can be seen on the image below:

Google charge nothing to show your ads in these positions, and only charge a small fee each time someone clicks i.e. “Pay Per Click”. The reason this advertising beats traditional print or radio or banner advertising hands down, is because these ads are shown only to people who have typed in specific keywords related to the service you offer.  

In other words, your ads are shown to customers who are actively seeking out businesses like yours, at the moment they are most interested!!!   

VeVos, based in Bali Indonesia specialise in helping Indonesian and Australian businesses with their Google Adwords advertising. In Indonesia, while internet usage is increasing at a rapid rate with over 60 million Indonesians already online, there are still few businesses advertising via Google Adwords in many business categories. This creates a great opportunity to become one of the first advertisers in Indonesia and obtain website traffic via Adwords at very reasonable rates, making Google Adwords a powerful advertising vehicle for your business.

For businesses targeting international expatriates based in Indonesia, the opportunity is even stronger as expats often turn to Google as their first port of call, as they are well familiar with the usefulness of Google Search as an information resource.

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