If you want to increase your website traffic, you have to be at the top position on Google search page for relevant keywords. But how to get a high ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)?


One of the ways is to get more backlinks to your website. Basically, backlink is an incoming link from a different website or referring domain. Within the SEO industry, a “backlink” can sometimes be referred to as an “in link”. Backlink is placed on the other websites and when people click the link, they will get redirected to your website. The thing is, not all backlinks give positive effects to your website rank.

Getting backlinks with black hat techniques will have negative impacts to your website because Google will penalize the website eventually. The term “black hat” refers to aggressive SEO strategies that violate the Google’s guidelines and best practices. There are many ways to get backlinks by this black hat approach, such as online forum spamming, blog comment spamming, and mass social bookmarking.

So, how to get quality backlinks? The answer is by applying “white hat” techniques. Backlinks will be gained only with the permission of the other websites’ owners, for example by mentioning your website as a source of their content. Remember that the backlink provider should be an active website and has a good reputation.

Webkos Internet wants to share how to get quality backlinks with white hat technique:

  1. Quality contents
    Create useful and interesting articles that have the potential to go viral. If you have great contents, people will not have a second thought to mention your website as a source of their websites’ articles. This is important because Google quietly judges the quality of a content, for example by counting the website visitor retention time.

  2. Ask for a backlink
    Look for a better content in other websites that has the same topic as your content and find the contact info of the content writer or website editor. Let them know your opinion about their content while mention that you have a similar content and ask them to give you a backlink. Of course, it is not easy and there is an art of asking without asking. But remember, practice makes perfect.

  3. Forum marketing
    Find an online forum with a good reputation and be a member there. Try to be active by answering other members’ questions nicely while mentioning your website link. But don’t do this excessively, otherwise, it’s the same with spamming.

There are more other ways to get a strong position in Google. Webkos Internet offers a quality and comprehensive SEO service for all business owners in Bali, Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities in the world.