Looking for skilled Web Development, VA, or Data Entry staff?  Vevos can provide skilled resources for around 25 – 30% of the cost of Australian staff!

We specialise in the following types of Web Development staff:
  • PHP Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • Drupal / WordPress / Joomla
  • Magento Commerce
  • Framworks Laravel / Code Igniter / Yii
  • Front End (NodeJS, React, Angular)Our staff are put through rigorous testing including both actual coding and development of sample apps, face to face interview and specific coding skills tests.We also can provide Data Entry, or Virtual Assistant staff to support your office administration tasks.

Ways we engage with you:

Buddy Programme

Our experience shows that teaming up developers with your local staff, is a very effective way to get the most of your Indonesian Web Developer.  We refer to this as the “Buddy Programme”.  While our staff are able to speak English, as it’s not their first language they are often more comfortable using IM or Email and having direct access to an Australian counter-part or “Buddy” who can assist them with clarifying requirements or other aspects of the work.

Assisted Developers

We also offer packages where we combine time from our development staff with some time from our Business Analyst.   Our Business Analysts have excellent English and can assist with requirements translation or clarification, and can also assist with testing of developed solutions to ensure quality of results.

Mini Team

Some customers have us setup a mini team in our office here consisting of Project Manager, Business Analyst, Senior Dev, plus Web Developers.   In this way we can become a fully functioning team responsible for all aspects of delivering agains your project requirements.

Outsourced Support

We are able to offer casual access (fees charged by the hour) to our PHP developers in order to provide support for your organisation.

Contact Us today for more information regarding these options.