Need to drive more traffic to your website? Seeking to promote an exciting new product or service? An effective campaign on social media platforms is the best starting point…

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter gained their huge followings by enabling people to communicate with each other in a personal way, sharing photographs, video, text and recommendations via their personal accounts. The term “social media” was coined to describe the natural networking and person to person contact these innovative websites facilitated. Social media websites have now become an essential part of any web-based business seeking growth.

Here’s how they can help:

  1. Increase visitors to your site
    Good content gets shared and recommended among friends. Regular social media posts using great images and interest-grabbing copy are a surefire way to generate increased website traffic.
  2. Effective advertising and promotion
    Whether your website is newly established or a well-known brand, social media and its “online word of mouth” recommendations and ease of sharing are an inexpensive and effective way of promoting your products and services.
  3. Focus site visitors’ attention
    Whether it’s exciting news about or a super special price promotion of your products and services, the ability to embed links to specific website pages and content in your social media posts allows you to focus your site visitor’s attention on your message. The use of specific links in social media campaigns will direct potential customers and clients directly to the content you want to promote, greatly increasing your ability to convert interest into action.​
  4. Increase page rank
    Inbound weblinks to your site have a positive effect on your website’s search engine page rankings (where your site is displayed in the results pages for a particular search.)

Devising an interesting and successful social media campaign will result in the links you include in your post being reproduced across many internet resources and will contribute to your website’s progress toward that coveted Number 1 Google Search Result. Consult a social media marketing company for an analysis of your business and recommendations for your own social media marketing campaign – and stay tuned for more about page rank and how to boost yours!