With the internet now the world’s premier “go to” resource for information, it’s vital that Small to Medium Enterprises establish a presence there. There’s no cheaper way to open a store…

If your business sells goods and services and you don’t have an online presence yet, here are a few of the main reasons you need to consider on implementing an online store right now:

  1. Service the widest possible area
    An online store solution will allow your business to reach out to potential customers everywhere in the online world. An online store can provide the exposure that will allow your business to compete with much larger players in a way that just isn’t possible in the bricks and mortar business world. This is especially the case in a market like Indonesia’s, where your potential clients are spread across a wide geographical area.
  2. 24hr service
    The vast majority of your potential customers live in a different timezone to you! They shop to a different clock. An online store is open 24/7/365 – even when its operators are catching up on their well-earned rest. With an online store solution your shop door – and sales counter – are always open and ready to make a sale.
  3. The easiest and best way to promote your products and services
    In a “real” store, your product simply sits on a shelf. If a customer wants to know more about it, he has to ask a sales assistant – who may or may not know all the answers! In an online store your products can be displayed together with their full specifications and operating manuals. Albums of accompanying photos can clearly show the product from all angles and in all its available colours. You can even upload videos showing your product in use. Additionally, most online shopping solutions allow you to offer your customers the ability to comment on, rate and review your products, as well as share or “like” them on social media. These tools are the online equivalent of word of mouth advertising, which – as every good salesperson knows – is the best there is!
  4. The cost-effective solution for getting your product to market
    An online store is by far the most cost-effective way to provide a wholesale and/or retail marketplace for your products and services.  An online store doesn’t require that you hold large amounts of inventory. Nor do you need to invest in warehousing and shipping facilities or take on the overhead costs of staff and office rent. Many successful online shops run by shipping directly from suppliers via standard shipping agents. Some never even see the products they sell!

The number of Indonesian internet users is growing exponentially and, like shoppers worldwide, the internet is their first port of call when looking for information about products and services. If you’re operating in the Indonesian market and don’t have a website or online store yet, contact a web development professional to discuss your requirements now – you need to be there!