As of now, there are only a handful of Google Partner digital agencies in Bali, Indonesia. One of the pioneers is Webkos Internet.

Google rewards a Partner status to a digital agency who meets certain requirements. Webkos Internet has earned this badge by managing a large ad spend across our managed accounts, having Google AdWords certified professionals in the office, and demonstrating satisfactory performance in client and company growth. We are officially listed on Google Partner Search. You can see our badge in the footer of this post and on every single page of our website.

But why should you hire a Google Partner Agency to manage your online advertising campaign?

  • Not Wasting Money
    If you don’t know how to manage and set-up the campaign properly in Google AdWords, you can flush your money away in so many ways. Being a Partner Agency, Webkos is required by Google to meet a large ad spend and deliver good results. We are well-trained to optimise the client’s budget to achieve their goals. You can have a peace of mind that your investment is managed efficiently.

  • Better Optimisation
    Our online marketing team has extensive experience with managing AdWords accounts from various clients. Not only do best practices, but as Google Partner we have direct communication line and dedicated account management from Google AdWords Team for discussing any campaign issue. Webkos Internet will go the extra mile to find success for you.

  • Certified Account Managers
    Would you ride a taxi if the driver has no driving license? Anyone in the right mind will only choose taxi drivers with driving licenses. The same logic applies in this case. To earn the Partner badge, it’s a mandatory for Webkos to have Certified AdWords professionals in-house who have passed certification exams by Google. Our managers know the ins and outs of the various Google products, best practices, and applicable strategies for each. Rest assured that your AdWords campaign will be optimised properly.

Webkos has served numerous local and expat owned businesses across Bali, ranging from restaurant to motorbike rental business. Our loyal clients also came from Melbourne, Geelong, and other cities in Australia. You can be sure we are striving to execute a successful strategy and maximize your return on your online marketing investment. 

Google Partners Agencies like Webkos must maintain the Google standards to retain our partner badge, or risk being dropped from the program.

We always do our best to understand the client’s needs and deliver satisfactory results for them. Feel free to talk to us to discuss your needs.